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Cool video by another “fat kid” - Erwan Heussaff. Love how well done this is—between the editing, music (and agree on using the local Pinoy track-that is awesome) and gotta say, am impressed by the knife skills! 

Looks like a really fresh dish with great Mediterranean flavors.

Foie gras creme brûlée, compliments of the chef at Le Crocodile, Vancouver.

This was awesome.

Foie gras creme brûlée, compliments of the chef at Le Crocodile, Vancouver.

This was awesome.

One cannot live well, love well or sleep well unless one has dined well.
Virgina Woolf

"Share It Maybe" - Cookie Monster

My brother and I literally just died laughing watching this.

When you acknowledge as you must, that there is no such thing as perfect food, only the idea of it, then the real purpose becomes clear; to make people happy. That’s what cooking is all about.
Thomas Keller
Easter Adventures in Montreal

For Easter I went on a roadtrip to Montreal and literally gained five pounds in the space of three days. It was pretty incredible. 

French Canadian cuisine is heavy. I guess something’s gotta counteract the bitter cold. I have this image of fur traders eating tourtiere—an all-spice laced meat pie—and drinking maple syrup during long treks across the Canadian shield…

Anyways, the truth is I don’t really know the history behind Quebecois cuisine. But I do know that I love poutine, one of Quebec’s iconic dishes—and have since I was a kid, when it was my favorite ski-lodge lunch. I don’t understand how anyone can think french fries with cheese curds and gravy sounds “gross.” It’s like…potatoes with cheese are good. Potatoes with gravy are good. What part of this are you missing?

See Ex. A:

Poutine from famous 24 hour joint La Banquise. It’s not just any cheese—it’s fresh cheese curds, which are a little salty and must have a “squeak” to the bite. And its not just any gravy—it has some bbq sauce in it. Also the fries are my favorite kind—thick and squishy and the potatoes have a lovely soft texture that is so satisfying… We had this as a SNACK while waiting for one of the most amazing dining experiences I have had in my entire life…

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Le vin, la plus aimable des boissons date de l’enfance du monde.
Dinner at the Bar at Momofuku Noodle Bar

A little while back I had dinner with my friend Drew, who I met freshman year when he was my Editor at Let’s Go. After graduating, Drew took the road much less travelled by the Harvard student, and went into the restaurant industry.

He started out in Boston with (get ready for this rock star list) Jody Adams at Rialto, then with Tony Maws at Craigie on Main, and finally with Barbara Lynch at Menton, before moving to New York. He’s now the beverage manager at Momofuku Ma Peche, which is conveniently located a block from my office, and we had been meaning to get a meal and catch up for a while.

So, on a rare night off for him, we met at Momofuku Noodle Bar to eat and chat, especially about that road less travelled. Is it ironic to feel so lost when you’ve chosen to follow the crowd?

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